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For general safety you are requested to follow the indications in this document as well as  safety information on signs and in case of emergency indications given by the emergency team.

Always park your car in the parking places.

Do not obstruct passageways!

Inside the buildings do not smoke, do not use flames, do not bring dangerous materials, do not tamper with equipment, promptly inform of any accidents, carefully follow instructions indicated on the signs, remember the location of the emergency exits and how to reach them.

IN CASE OF ACCIDENT: do not take personal initiatives, inform immediately the person in charge, or call 333 (internal line) or 0331 572 333 (external line) and if the situation is serious and urgent, call the alarm activating the emergency button.

When the emergency team people arrive at the scene, follow their instructions.

IN CASE OF SERIOUS ALARM: when the alarm bells rings or an emergency is announced via the megaphone, leave the buildings.

  • identify people in difficulty and offer your assistance;
  • pay attention to the messages given through loudspeakers or megaphones;
  • do not use elevators;
  • while on the corridors and on the stairs stay calm, do not run, do not shout, do not hang around, do not hamper rescuers;
  • go to the meeting point and stay with the group;
  • check if anyone is missing and give the person in charge or the rescue team any important information (0331 572 333);
  • do not move cars before being authorised by the persons in charge;

In order to ensure the plan is precisely and effectively implemented, you are required to be familiar with both these regulations and the evacuation map posted in various locations throughout the university.


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