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University education is essential for the cultural and economic development of society.

Through its young graduates and its researchers, LIUC actively contributes to the competitiveness and innovation capacity of businesses, without forgetting its commitment to facilitate access to the highest levels of education to students more capable and deserving.

Teaching, research, awards and scholarships, services and equipment logistics of the University can be improved thanks to the contributions of companies and private citizens, who can participate directly in the development of LIUC ? Università Cattaneo, link their names to that of the University, through partnerships and donations.

Individuals, associations, foundations, entrepreneurs and commercial companies thus directly contribute to an institution that from the beginning has been the expression of the will to support the cultural and scientific growth of our Country.


The Circle of ideas is an exclusive series of meetings designed to discuss topics of significant economic interest through authoritative speakers in the unique context of a University founded by businesses.

By participating in The Circle of ideas one can talk directly with the protagonists of the economic world and be given the opportunity to support LIUC, contribute to the development of its relations, better direct the University to the real needs of training required by the productive world.

The cycle of events has the objective of becoming a recurrent appointment growing in importance in the Italian economic system.


The Tree of ideas is an initiative to foster dialogue between the LIUC and businesses that collaborate with the University through joint projects, investing in the growth of the new generations, jointly promoting innovation and inducing economic development.

At the event of The Circle of ideas of 8 July 2014, there was held the opening ceremony dedicated to the Special Donors of The Tree of ideas of LIUC.

Those who have chosen to join the initiative, have placed onto the tree their proposals on how the University can support businesses in the pathways of internationalisation, the theme of the evening.

On that particular occasion, the funds raised through the initiative were used to fuel the ongoing campaign for the establishment of a Visiting Professorship.



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