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Lab#ID Profile

Who we are

Lab#ID (http://labid.liuc.it) is a lab on auto-identification (RFId and more) systems, which started its activities in 2007, with the support of Camera di Commercio Varese, Regione Lombardia, and Unione degli Industriali della Provincia di Varese, aimed at performing organizational and technological feasibility studies on the adoption and usage of auto-identification systems in companies and generally organizations (Lab#ID is registered as Research and Technology Transfer Center in the QuESTIO system of Regione Lombardia, and therefore it is qualified to deliver services financed by regional vouchers).


Since 2007 Lab#ID has carried out about sixty projects, for about fifty organizations, across different fields such as supply chain, production, warehouse, last-mile logistics, etc., both in mature areas of auto-identification and traceability applications and in more innovative areas such as localization and Near Field Communication (NFC).

Lab#ID is particularly focused on SMEs, aiming at improving their competitiveness speeding up and facilitating the adoption of technologies such as RFId, RTLS, NFC,..., and paying attention to the necessary matching between technology innovation and organizational changes.
Innovative projects delivered within the Smart Factory domain were based on the identification and implementation of state-of-the-art Auto-ID technologies within different industries: textile, mechanic, airport logistics, food, pharmaceutical, ...
All projects put users, i.e., actors of the process under study, at the center of the technological and organizational change thus activating both smart processes and smart people.

Building upon this experience, Lab#ID promoted and coordinated projects with Public Administrations, which involves citizens, artisans, shop keepers, retailers, trade associations, local transport companies, cultural associations and other companies that provided both systems and financial services (mobile payments through NFC smartphones), aimed at the development of smart cities / smart communities (in particular the project "Varese SmartCity", http://www.varesesmartcity.com), as technology-enabled social systems.

Lab#ID took part in projects financed by European (REGINSrfid) and regional calls (SOSTES, DRIADE). Lab#ID was able to bring important contributions both to practitioners (projects of technology transfer towards SMEs) and academia (publications on relevant topics ).

Main services

Lab#ID is active on project related to the introduction of RFId/NFC systems and on information and training activities.


labid@liuc.it     Tel. + 39 0331 572226

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