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Careers Support, Placement Opportunities and Work Experience

Since 1995 our Career officers have helped students and graduates start their job search and careers.

This has been achieved through a quick response to the demands of companies and personalized services like:
- Mailing Post Graduate; which provides companies, after each graduation session, the lists containing contact information and academic achievements of new graduates who are in search
of employment.
- Stage & Career Portal; a web site with restricted access to LIUC students and graduates that allows companies to post job offers and work, quickly and efficiently, simplifying the matching of demand and supply of labour.
- Pre Selection of new graduates; this identifies a shortlist of potential candidates in line with a specific job profile/aptitude reported by the requesting company. This service is particularly efficient because the Placement office provides in depth cognitive interviews with each graduate
to assess attitudes and tendencies in order to increase the effectiveness of selection meetings between companies and new graduates.

The Placement Office also organises a number of events to give students and graduates guidance on how to start their job search: meetings with testimonials from various business realities, simulated job interviews, and interactive workshops in collaboration with the HR managers of prestigious national and international companies.

Thanks to a network of more than 5000 businesses, students get a job within an average length of time of about 3 months after graduation. Over 2,000 offers of work and internships, aimed at recent graduates and senior graduates, are managed by the Placement Office, with about 500
opportunities of internships for students. The number of courses undertaken during the calendar year by students and recent graduates is over 750.

For further information please contact Susanna Palmieri spalmieri@liuc.it

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 9.00-15.30

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