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LIUC confirms its pragmatic approach in research, through a series of projects funded by major stakeholders and several companies.

Main projects include:
- PhD Program in Management, Finance and Accounting
- Industrial innovation project "Sustainable Mobility Industry 2015" – an invitation to obtain New Technologies for “Made in Italy”
- Technology transfer from the research system to businesses and creation of new high-tech companies - Programme RIDITT (Italian Network for the Diffusion of innovation and technology transfer to businesses
- Extreme Land Programme (for businesses)
- RFID Laboratory: Instrument technology transfer to SMEs, supply chains and Urban Districts of Commerce (Chamber of Commerce of Varese)
- Smartup, an initiative of the Union of Industrialists of the Province of Varese, which offers companies the ability to develop personalised services for digital fabrication. In practise, a support to start-up, but also a catalyst for innovation for the whole territory, with particular attention to the world of the 3d printer.

The numerous centres, laboratories, observatories and units of study develop research activities and knowledge transfer, directly in support of the company system.
The main areas of research are:
- Management of Public Administration
- Research education - teaching
- Land development
- Information and Communications Technology
- Management in health care and social
- Transport and infrastructure
- Entrepreneurship and competitiveness
- Logistics
- Change and learning organisation
- Application of RFID Technology
- Lean production
- Protection of innovation and intellectual property
- Sustainable economy
- Business ethics
- Private Equity
- Business opportunities in India
- Industrial cinema and business communication


LIUC faculty and researchers

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