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'Carlo Pomini' Halls of Residence

The ideal place to live the “LIUC experience”. Out of the chaos, a small step from Milan.

The University Residence of LIUC - Università Cattaneo is not only a high-level structure for an over night stay, but also a space that offers numerous opportunities for recreation and coming together. A reality that allows students, Italian and international, and also visiting lecturers and speakers for conferences, to fully enjoy all the comfort of a structure of “Anglo-Saxon” inspiration.
The Residence lives in harmony with the University, in that it is directly placed on the campus of LIUC: a "Small town", which features, among other things a large park. The many opportunities offered to students who stay at the Residence of LIUC are increased by the initiatives proposed by the student associations for whom this structure is more an authentic  point of reference.


The Residence was designed so that students may have everything on hand for a greater convenience (from the bank counter to the laundry). Moreover, to allow students to keep in form and ensure other opportunities to come together, there is offered a course of fitness.
There is also available a large car parking area open to all the university population.


There is no shortage areas dedicated to study and leisure: the Residence is in fact equipped with numerous study and reading classrooms, and also two tv rooms and a relaxation room.
These spaces are also utilised by the student associations of LIUC for their numerous initiatives.
The Residence is equipped with a self - service canteen (open to all the university population) with a menu that always includes a wide choice. Inside, there is  also a snack - bar  open all the day and evening, with an internet point and a tv screen. For those who desire, it is possible take advantage of some areas dedicated  to the preparation of meals on their own.


Each living unit is equipped as a room - studio, with adjoining bathroom. On request, it is possible to take advantage of additional services (a safe and personal cleaning service) which provide a high standard similar to the best hotels. For all, there is a telephone line and internet connection.


The reception is open 24 hours a day all the year, to provide an optimum service and maximum safety for students.
It is also equipped with an automated video system and a night inspection service. Access to rooms and car parking is through the use of a personalised smart card that reads the lock for the control of entry and of exit.


14,000 sq.m. in total area
4-storey structure
440 beds
252 rooms (of which 24 are “hotel” rooms and 6 are suites)
550 seats in the dining area
120 covered car parking spaces reserved for guests of the Residence
2 TV rooms
30 study rooms


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